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Teardrop Urns for Ashes

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When someone close to you passes away, your grief knows no bounds. One of the best ways of dealing with your bereavement is through a cremation urn. A very popular type of cremation urn available is the small teardrop urn.  Small Teardrop urns for ashes are usually keepsake urns and are shaped like teardrops, which symbolizes the countless tears that you might have shed in the fond memory of the loved one who has left you. We offer a variety of mini teardrop urns in different textures and colours. Teardrop keepsake urns are made of the best quality brass and tastefully decorated by the most skilled artisans.

Being keepsake urns, these teardrop urns for ashes are compact and easy to carry about. You can place them at various points in your home, or keep them in a drawer, where you can keep the memories of the departed soul close to you at all times. These urns can be used to store a small portion of cremation ashes, and you can also add a few memorabilia like a lock of hair, a piece of jewelry or so on. These teardrop urns can also be gifted to family members or close friends who will appreciate getting a keepsake of the person who they knew so well.

We have a vast selection of cremation urns for you to choose from, so if you visit our site, you can choose your urn, make a secure online payment, and soon, you will receive your order delivered to your doorstep, free of shipping charges, in just a few days.