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Adult cremation urns are made with the needs of the grieving families in mind. They help show the respect for the deceased loved one and cherish the great memories in the most thoughtful manner.

Large urns for human ashes are available in different styles, designs and colors in cremationurnsashes.com store at affordable prices. You can select big urns with unique personalized design and choose the ideal color to best represent the deceased love one. You can choose various types of huge urns made of different materials depending on whether you are going for ground burial, keeping it at home or in a columbarium, sharing, or scattering. The popular choice of materials for adult cremation urns are brass, hand-cut glass, marble, bronze, silver, and different types of wood. If you are planning to keep the urn at home we recommend personalized cremation urns for adults.

Memorial Adult urns for funeral remains are generally available in the standard size which can accomodate 200 cubic inches of ashes. However, depending on how you want to store your loved once ashes, you can either choose from the large (standard urns) urns or keepsake urns which can hold token ashes. The companion urns are bigger in size and are designed to hold the full remains of human ashes. The keepsake and token urns are small urns, which help to share the remains among family members or to save the small remains after scattering the ashes.

Shop adult memorial urns for adult ashes to hold all the cremation ashes of the humans. Avail Offers on extra large urns for decoration to store ashes for adults including all major human beings. No difference in gender based big urns for men or large urns for woman unless the design is specific to gender.

How Big is the Ashes Urn?

Usually they come in size between 10"-12" in inches height. Size of the urn only matters how much ashes you want to store. If you would like to store token ashes you may not need extra large urns for ashes and you can opt for Small Urns which holds upto 4 cubic inches.​