Keepsake urns an opportunity to keep the cremation remains for lifetime as a token of love. Keepsake memorials are most intimate way of preserving the ashes in urns and celebrating the loss of your beloved family member or pet. Many forms like handmade, artistic and traditional Keepsake Urns for ashes are available in our UK urns store. Identifying an ideal keepsake urn to preserve the funeral ashes for a much longer time is very important. Though there are several types of keepsake urns made up of different materials like ceramic, glass, aluminium, wooden, steel, copper and bronze urns people generally prefer to buy brass keepsake urns.

Brass keepsakes for sale are available in various sizes and shapes non-degradable and long lasting through centuries. Some keepsake urns for pet have exquisite designs with elegant & beautiful finish. Larger shaped keepsake urns for adults can hold up to 100 cubic inches of ashes while others are extremely small holding only 1 – 10 cubic inches ideal for pets. You can distribute the keepsakes amount your friends and family to preserve a small part of their close friend or family member ashes or lock of hair can choose miniature keepsake urns that are available in compact sizes.

Most of these keepsake urns for human ashes are available in custom engraved designs handcrafted beautifully in various colors and themes and have their own uniqueness, variation in color, finish and engraving perfectly styled in traditional shapes and textures.