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Frequently Asked Questions

What size urn would I need?

The ash remains of adults would require 100-180 cubic inches (the variation depends on their weight) and the standard urns are of 200 cubic inches ash capacity. This size has been set as the standard by the Cremation Association of North America. If your family members and loved ones want to share the ashes, you can consider the miniature or keepsake urns. We offer choices in terms of size, shape, color, material and design.

Can the urns be sealed?

The wood urns are usually sealed using the screws holding the access panel. These can be opened and closed as per the need. The marble ones have threaded bung holes. Metal ones have threaded lids. Ceramic ones have friction fitting lids or bug hole plugs. Any urn can be sealed permanently using epoxy resin around the access panelís rim (or opening) and securely fastening it to the urn.

How to place the ashes in the cremation urns?

The cremation centers or the funeral homes will hand over the ashes in plastic bags. The cremation urns have the ash compartment in the bottom. You can unscrew the bottom panel and place the plastic bag in which the ashes are contained in that compartment. While you can do this yourself, if it gets to be emotionally too difficult for you, you can get the help of the funeral home or a friend to do it for you. If you are comfortable shipping the ashes to us, we can help place the ashes in the urns for you.

What else can I put in the cremation urn along with the ashes?

Along with the ashes, you can add personal items including cards, letters, rings, photos and the like.

What are biodegradable urns?

Biodegradable urns are usually made of leaves, paper and natural dye. They will last for ages and they are suitable to be stored indoors. You can also use these urns for burial.

When and how will you ship the urn?

We package the urns discreetly and ship them within 3 days of receiving the order and payment. For any special orders or for orders not in stock, we will inform you of the specific delivery date. We will surely meet your timely requirements and accommodate your special needs.