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Cremation Urns Types

Types of Cremation Urns

There are various types of cremation urns available in the UK market. Here we will discuss few of them:

Religious Urns

Religious Urns showcases ones religious sentiments and are available as per ones religious beliefs.

Artistic Urns

Artistic Urns are designer urns made of materials like wood, ceramics, metals or glass and are quite expensive.

Biodegradable Urns

These are urns which are used for disposing the ashes of dear ones and can decompose on its own.

Themed Urns

These types of urns are used to represent the hobby or interest of the dead person like fishing, boxing, horse racing etc.

Metal Urns

These are urns made up of metals like bronze, brass, gold, silver, platinum etc. depending on one choice and likeness for one particular metal.

There are special urns available for child, pet, companion urns, airline transportation urns and other types to suit ones particular need.

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