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Beautiful & Unique cremation pendant/locket containers for storing 1 cubic inch of cremated remains to commemorate the departure of your loving family member (mom/dad) or Pet (Cat/Dog).

Cremations Jewelry is more popular nowadays to bring the loved more close enough to their heart and remember them when in need. Now a day most of them tend to move towards Cremation Jewelry that are designed as Necklace, Lockets, Bracelet, Butterfly, Crystal and use of Rhinestone so that belong to you or stay with you for longer. The most popular of all jewelries, the heart keepsake Jewellery for the choice of women or mom and most of the Pet Jewelry of ashes are worn by women. The jewellery is filled up by the ashes of the cremation in memory towards the deceased funeral.

As the people tend to bring the reminds of the deceased closer to their heart, they opt to bring Jewellery made for the storage of minimal token ashes filled in it. The Jewellery can also be worn by men remember their loved one or designed for dad to remember their loved one. We bring you Urns Jewellery for cheap at your budget with less expenses on the pendant that carry ashes for mom, For pet and for dad.

The memorial jewelry for ashes are hand engraved with unique finish on it that makes the urn jewelry more beautiful. The Cremation Jewellery contains different types of keepsake jewelry pendants that can be filled up with a token amount of ashes. The Jewellery is mostly used to decorate in the form on a necklace or bracelet that contains the ashes of the cremated.

The jewelry represents multiple themes that could be a part of your soul by storing the ashes remains of the cremated in the pendants of the presented above.
The heart pendants are engraved from skilled artisans that make you realize the effect of love you show towards the deceased by storing memorial ashes in the Jewellery. The ashes jewelry present in is made of different materials for cheaper price even under 50 GDP with a free delivery within UK. We present you the best price with the best and longest holding Jewellery to store the ashes of the cremated or the particles of the buried.