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What is a Cookie?

Websites are stored in servers, which are computers that store data. When you visit our website, our servers will temporarily transfer a small packet of data to your computer. This data is called a cookie. Such cookies would help your web browser to remember the websites (links) you visit. Therefore, when you shop with, these cookies would store your shopping cart details temporarily. To shop online with us, it is essential that cookies be enabled on your web browser.

The cookies are stored in the memory of your browser. A cookie carries the address of the server from which it is originated. It also comes with a value representing the time to stay in the browser’s memory. A random, unique number is assigned to this value.

How to Enable or Disable Cookies?

You have the option of storing the cookies or disabling them. You just need to alter the computer’s setting to exercise this option. You can select the type of cookies to be disabled, if you do not want to block all the cookies. You could block those cookies that breach your privacy or you could block all the cookies from third party websites.

You also have the option to block all cookies completely. However, this would be a hindrance to browse certain websites’ services, which need cookies.

Types of Cookies

Understanding the types of cookies would help you optimize your computer’s settings. You can turn selected or all cookies off or customize the levels of privacy (allow, block and prompt).

Essential (Strictly Necessary) Cookies

For a website to function, certain cookies are essential. These cookies are necessary for the specific services you want done with that particular website. For secure shopping (shopping carts) and online transactions (e billing), cookies are essential. Such cookies do not require consent to be transferred to your computer.

Performance Cookies

Performance cookies are in place to gather the web browsing habit of the user: which pages are visited the most, whether any error messages were generated, etc. These cookies collect only anonymous data and nothing pertaining to the identity of the user. They help improve the working of the website. You automatically agree to allow these cookies by using these websites.

Functionality Cookies

To improve your browsing experience in a particular website, functionality cookies are used. These cookies would help the website in remembering the choices you make on it. The information such as your region, your name and the changes you made on the website such as the font, etc. to customize it are all stored by the cookies. Such cookies are restricted to the particular websites and cannot span their functionality on other websites you browse. You automatically agree to allow these cookies by using these websites.

Advertising or Targeting Cookies

Advertising cookies aim to gather information pertaining to your interests and provide relevant advertisements. Many a times you would have noticed adverts pertaining to your previous or current search or browsing activity in a page. This is due to the targeting cookies, which are placed by third parties. They are used for various reasons such as measuring how effective an ad campaign was, limiting the number of times an ad is viewed, and the like. You can choose to block these cookies.