Jane Austen

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Jane Austen

Jane Austen

Jane Austen Biography

Jane Austen was an famous British novelist in 18th century. Jane Austen wrote romantic fictions and landed gentry books. She has lived her entire life in landed gentry with close family members. British middle and upper class people likes Austen novels, she has great social observation.

Jane Austen Early Life

Jane Austen date of birth on 16th December 1775 and born at Steventon Rectory, Hampshire, England. She was died on 18th July 1817 at Winchester, Hampshire, England and her resting place was Winchester Cathedral, Hampshire, England. Austen’s father was George Austen and mother was Cassandra (1739–1827). George was a woolen manufacturer. Austen was had 6 brothers and one sister. She was great and close relationship with her sister Cassandra.

Jane Austen Education

In 1783, as per her family tradition Jane and her sister went to Oxford for education with Mrs. Ann Cawley and they were moved to Southampton later in the year. Austen has started her education at home only until she leave boarding school with her sister Cassandra in 1785. The school syllabus was included some French, spelling, needlework, dancing, music and drama. Jane was studied primary education her own, after she took the help of her father and older brothers.

Jane Austen Career

Jane Austen started novels as a teenager. Janes brother helped lot to publish her novels. Austen first novel was “Sense and Sensibility” which was published in 1811 and next novel was “Pride and Prejudice” which has received many good reviews. She started her career as apprenticeship from her teenage and continued to thirties age.

Jane Austen Marriage & Death

Jane Austen never married as like her sister Cassandra. In early 1816, Jane health was not supported to her, she became feel unwell. She neglected her health condition and continued concentration on her career as novelist. She was probably suffered a lot with Addison’s disease and finally died on 18 July 1817. The final novel was started but left incomplete.

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