Margaret Thatcher

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Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher – Prime Minister of the UK

Margaret Thatcher full name was Margaret Hilda Thatcher and another name was Baroness Thatcher. She was appointed as UK prime minister in between 4th May 1979 and 28th November 1990. She honored has Order of the Garter, Order of Merit and Privy Council. She was the leader for Conservative Party in between 11th February 1975 – 4th May 1979. Margaret Thatcher was the longest leading British prime minister of the twentieth century and she was the only lady to have held the prime minister office.

Margaret Thatcher Early Life and Education

Margaret Thatcher was born on 13th October 1925 at Grantham, England and died on 8 April 2013 (aged 87) London, England, UK. Her father was Alfred Roberts and mother was Beatrice Ethel. Margaret Roberts was won a scholarship in Grantham Girls’ School. Her school announced as hard working and continual improvement girl. She was have many extracurricular activities in playing piano, field hockey, poetry recitals, swimming and walking. She was head girl in between 1942 and 1943. In her upper sixth year, Thatcher was applied for a scholarship to study chemistry at Somerville College, Oxford.

Margaret Thatcher Family Life

Margaret Thatcher was married to Denis Thatcher in 1951 who was the British business man. In 1953 she gave birth to twins, their names were Carol and Mark.

Margaret Thatcher Political Career

In 1954, Thatcher look for candidate selection for the Orpington by-election of January 1955. Margaret Thatcher was not an actual candidate in the 1955 general election. Afterwards, Thatcher began searched for a Conservative safe seat and was elected as the candidate for Finchley in April 1958. Thatcher was elected as a Conservative MP in general elections for Finchley in North London in 1959. She was served as MP until 1992 and as a first time parliamentary member, she was worked as junior minister for pensions in government of Harold Macmillan’s.

Thatcher was elected as Member of Parliament in the 1959 election. She became prime minister of United Kingdom on May 4th 1979.

Margaret Thatcher Death

Margaret Thatcher was suffered with her poor health for several years. Thatcher was expired in the morning of 8th April 2013 at the age of 87 with stroke.

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