John Milton

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John Milton

John Milton

John Milton Biography

John Milton was a one of the best British english poet, polemicist, scholarly man of letters, and a civil servant in the Commonwealth of England under Oliver Cromwell. He wrote at a time of religious changes and political revolution. John Milton best poem is epic poem Paradise Lost, wrote in blank verse. All Milton poems were reflect deep personal feelings, a passion for freedom and self-determination. Famous english writer William Hayley called Milton as “greatest English author”.

John Milton Early Life

John Milton was born on 9th December 1608 at Bread Street, Cheapside, London, England, died on 8 November 1674 (aged 65) at Bunhill, London, England and resting place is St Giles-without-Cripplegate. Milton father was senior John Milton who is composer and mother was Sarah Jeffrey.

John Milton Education

Milton school education was done in St Paul’s School, London. Milton studied in Christ’s College, Cambridge in 1625 and completed B.A. graduation in 1629. He got fourth rank out of 24 students in the University of Cambridge. In 1632, Milton was completed post graduation M.A.. He was learn English, Latin, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Spanish, Aramaic, Syriac languages.

John Milton Marriage & Family

John Milton got married 3 times. In 1642, Milton was went to a trip i,e, manor house at Forest Hill, Oxfordshire and came back from trip to the countryside with a 16 years bride named Mary Powell. Together they gave birth to three daughters and a son. Mary Powell was died in 1652 due to complication of delivering last daughter.

After his first wife death, Milton was married two more, first Katherine Woodcock married in 1656. She was died on 3rd February 1658. Together they were gave birth to a daughter. Second was Elizabeth Minshull married in 1662.

John Milton Poetry

In 1630 Milton poem was published first time, which was written on William Shakespeare. Below are the best bibliography of John Milton.


  • Lycidas (1638)
  • Poems (1645)
  • Paradise Lost (1667)
  • Paradise Regained (1671)
  • Samson Agonistes (1671)

John Milton Drama

  • Arcades (1632)
  • Comus (1634)

John Milton Non-Fictions

  1. Of Reformation Touching Church Discipline in England (1641)
  2. The Reason of Church Government Urged Against Prelaty (1642)
  3. The Doctrine and Discipline of Divorce (1643)
  4. Areopagitica (1644)
  5. Of Education (1644)
  6. The Tenure of Kings and Magistrates (1649)
  7. A Treatise of Civil Power in Ecclesiastical Causes (1659)

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