A Guide to Conducting a Pet Funeral

A Guide to Conducting a Pet Funeral

How to Conduct a Pet’s Funeral

Now a days pets are important family member in many families. If that pet die, we will do the funeral in proper way. Many people think pet funerals in unsuitable way. Pet cremation will gives us many memories of our pets.

Are You Taken Any Responsibility Of Organizing Pet Funeral ?

When your lovable pet die, you have the chance to overcome sad by sorrows. Here we are giving many practical tasks related to pets funerals.

Get Your Kids Involved in Pet Funeral

If you have children, involved them in pet funeral as much, as you do. Allow your kids to hold the coffin or memorial garden stone or any other funeral thing. With this process, your kids will come out their sad mood which was disturbed by pet loss.

Get the Burial Site Ready

Select the place to burial your pet which was died i.e, choose place at your home garden or specific favourite spot of your pet or underneath a tree or any private burial place. Take the decession with involvement of your family members.

Hold the Ceremony

In some families, all family members will gather at the site of burial and speak some words about pet. In some families, invite their close friends, relations and neighbors and buried the pet. Bury the coffin or other funeral things or photographs with flowers and favourite things of that pets. Don’t follow any strict rules for conducting pet funeral.

Don’t buy another pet immediately after your lovable pet died. Some pets owners will buried their pets at private cremation organizations. At that situation, buy suitable pet cremation urns and store token amount of pet cremation ash and keep that at any corner of your home. Cremation memorial urns will hold the pet funeral ashes safely and keep remembering your pet memories alive with your always.

How To Remembering a Beloved One

How To Remembering a Beloved One

Remembering a Beloved Pet With Memorial Urns

Pets are one of our family members in our home. It is our responsibility to give love and respect to our loyal beloved pets Which was recently leave us or passes away. Every year September month is national pet memorial, so keep remembering you loved pet with pet memorial urns for ashes. Pets are true family member in every one life and will surely miss after pet death.

Many pet owners don’t have sufficient amount to host full cremation for loss their pets. But some pet owners choose pet memorial urns for hold funeral ash. Pet burial services are very costly and these type of services available in some areas only.

Here include some dignify your pet’s parting

  • Holding one candle and minute of silence to recollect memories of dear pet.
  • Make a memory box or board with pet memories.
  • Remember the memories with display photos of your pet as a standing memorial.
  • Invite your close friends to come and offer a memory of your pet.
  • Make a donation or work as volunteer in a local animal shelter or charity.

Make that having closure with a memorial thing, whether with your close friends or family members. It will help you to grieving process. Having a touchable memento in your home, like pet memorial urn with a photo or pet paw prints, it will help you know that your pet may be expired, but it is not forgotten.

Pet memorial urns for ashes are available in urns market with different styles and designs to hold your pet cremation ashes safely. Pet cremation urns are always remembering your pet memories alive.

Pet Urns

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Pet Cremation Urns

Pet Cremation Urns

Getting a personalized pet urn is one way to celebrate/ honour the life of your beloved pet. Pet urns are available in the market in a wide variety of style and range. Price of these urns varies depending on the size and design chosen.

The first thing you need to consider while choosing a pet urn is the size. Larger pets will need larger urns.

The second thing to think about is what would honour your pet- a simple urn with an image of the pet/ or an inspirational quote on it?

Finally the urn material! Now a days all sorts of materials are used for making pet urns. Choose an elegant urn that will remind you of the love and happiness you shared.

Approach do it yourself retailer to customize your pet urn. Urns can be customized with your pet’s name/ date of birth-death/ image/ your favourite quote/ prayer.

You can also think of making a pet urn on your own; a better and far more personal tribute to your beloved companion, isn’t it?

Get necessary items from the nearby crafts supply store and make an urn as unique as your pet itself! If you are good at woodworking, make a handcrafted wooden box to hold your pet’s cremains. Apply a coat of clear spray-on-acrylic to seal and protect the urn. You can personalize it by carving your pet’s name on it/ pasting pictures and other embellishments onto the urn. You can also consider making pottery items to use as pet urns. You can really get into customizing the piece by painting it and thereby making it a unique creation. You would be proud to display it too!

How To Remember Pet Memories

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How To Remember Pet Memories

How To Remember Pet Memories

Remembering Your Pet In A Special Way

Now-a-days, every family having pets like cats or dogs. These pets are treated as one of their family member’s. Some people give more preference to their pets than their family members. Suppose if they knew that their pet is no more in this world, then it is critical situation to those pet lovers.

Remember your pet memories alive with pet cremation urns. It is a great goodbye to your pet. Cremation or funeral is a last journey that expired, so keep your pet funeral ashes in pet memorial urns and place at your home.

Pet urns are always remembers your pets memories. These are also uses as home decorative item. There are many different designs and styles available in the UK market. For example, paw prints on urn, pet photo frame on urn, cat or dog images, urn design as pet sculpture and etc. So pet owner can browse the product and select suitable pet urn for loving pet and say hearty as goodbye.

The photo frames will comes with your pet image on the urn, it is a special way to keep your lovable pet memories alive. Some urns are available with pet paw prints on pet cremation urns. Some pet urns are available with sitting pet, sleeping and standing as pet sculpture.

These pet memorial urns are available in different sizes like mini sizes mostly in 3 inches, medium sizes and adult sizes like 9 inches high. So buy beautiful pet urn and keep your pet funeral ashes then place at shelf or mantle of your home.

The deep grief of pet lovers over the loss of their much loved pets is understandable. It is always better to be aware of the pet funeral and cremation processes that will help you when the situation arises.

You can think of the following options available.

Bury your pet on your own property. Many owners find relief in burying their beloved companion nearby and some choose to bury the pet’s body in their own garden.

Bury your pet at a pet cemetery

You can also think of cremating your pet at the crematorium

Nowadays the number of people who choose individual pet cremation services after the death of their family pet is increasing. Keeping in mind the duty to take care of the pet’s final body care, most pet lovers look for pet cremation services that offer a dignified tribute to their loved pet.

If you choose cremating your pet at the crematorium, you can choose from the 3 common types of pet cremation.

Communal Cremation: This is a group cremation in which animals are cremated together and the cremains are disposed off according to the local regulations.

Private Cremation: in this cremation even though 2-3 animals are cremated together they are kept apart adequately to avoid the remains getting mixed up.

Priority Cremation: Individual pet is cremated separately. This is a bit expensive option.

Once the cremation process is complete, you can collect the remains of your pet in an urn and keep it safe in the fond memory of your beloved companion.