Cemeteries and Burial Plots : Understanding Your Options

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Now a day’s many people are selecting cremation. Burial is a preferred method of final disposition in UK. Even those who select cremation must decide what to do with the cremated remains, the answer is burial.

The main thing is how does one select a cemetery and burial plot? It must depend on your budget, culture, religious, tradition, location and other aspects. We have many options to choose from. You need to understand the choices available in the market before you make decision.

Types of Cemeteries

Generally, there are 4 types of cemeteries to choose from :

Public Or District Cemeteries : These are owned by a local government.

Private Cemeteries : These are owned by private enterprises.

Religious Cemeteries : These are owned by a church or other religious organization.

Veterans Cemeteries : These are operated by the UK Department of Veterans Affairs.

In public cemeteries any one can bury their family member, but comes to veterans cemeteries only military veterans and their family members. Then come to private and religious cemeteries may or mayn’t restrict sale of burial plots to church members or private organization members. Fees are varying from one to other, so better to compare the prices by telephone or other ways. For general public, district cemeteries will charge fewer amounts.

The fifth type i.e. green cemetery. It is for famous people or celebrities who are not by membership affiliation. But their strict loyalty to nature sound burial practices. So many people are getting awareness on the environmental impacts of tradition burial. For this reason, every one are trying to select lay to rest their loved ones to rest in idyllic natural cemeteries. Loved one dead body will bury in biodegradable containers only.

Types of Burial Spaces

Depending on burying cremated ashes or intact remains, there are many types of burial spaces to choose from:

Ground Burial

It is a most common type of burial. Plots can distribute to one individual or an entire family.


It is an above-ground funeral site that contains concrete or stone cell in which caskets are stored. Mausoleums are secure, clean, and dry.

Lawn Crypts

It is a cross between a traditional in-ground grave and a mausoleum. It is a sheltered grave within a natural environment.


It is like a mausoleum for cremated remains. A columbarium is designed with many niches to hold one or more cremation urns.

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