What Are The Storage Options For Cremated Ashes

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What Are The Storage Options For Cremated Ashes

Storage Options For Cremated Ashes

How and Where to Store Cremation Ashes ?

Usually cremation ashes or funeral ashes will be stored safely in cremation urns ashes for final disposition which are available in the market with stylish finishing and beautiful designs. These memorial urns are simple stylish appearance, hand made by skilled artisans and order your own design also.

Some people wants to bury the cremated ashes or float the ashes in water. For this kind of planning, they need to buy biodegradable cremation urn. But some people wants to keep their loved one’s cremation ashes in his/her own house.

Below are some methods for storing cremation ashes.

  • Placing the cremation urn which is filled with your loved one’s funeral ash in a Columbarium. Columbarium is a room which is located at church or cemetery. On this urn, we can photographs or mementos our loved one for remembrance.
  • The cremation remains may also place at under ground of tomb or mausoleum. This method mostly preferred by Roman Catholics.
  • Some people will choose to bury the funeral ashes in a cremation plot.
  • One more idea is to hold the cremation ashes and store the ashes in the form of a cremation bench or memorial rock.
  • One of the famous top idea to hold the cremation ashes is to fill the funeral ash in glass, jewelry, diamond and wear house. This method is popular in USA, UK, Switzerland and various countries.
  • One more method, dispose some amount of cremated ashes in land, air or floating water and remaining keep in jewelry like necklace, bracelet, rings, pedants or lockets by which you can keep their memories always with you.

Follow any above method to store the final cremated ashes of your loved one’s who expired. If your loved one like jewelry in his life, hold their funeral ash in jewelry and wear it after he expires. Like this store the cremation ash safely and keep remembering those memories alive.

Storing cremation ashes will be a record of your loved one and it will bring the memories to future generations too.

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