What Are Keepsake Urns?

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Keepsake Funeral Memorial Urns

Keepsake Cremation Urns

What are Keepsake Urns for Ashes & Why We Use These?

Keepsake cremation urns are also called as mini urns. Keepsake memorial urns are designed to hold the token amount of the cremated remains of your loved one’s for remembrance. In UK market, these products are available in different styles, designs and materials which can be purchased as a single urn or set of keepsake urns.

What are keepsake urns? How do they differ from other cremation containers?

These urns are easy to carry from one place to another. The keepsake urns are small in size, placed in a small velvet box, which looks very beautiful. And these can be placed in houses as a decorative item which remembers the memories of loved one. Generally one pound weight of ash will occupy one cubic inch of space in urn. It stores token amount of funeral ashes safely.

Types of Keepsake Urns

Keepsake urns are available in wide range of designs, materials, themes and styles. Some of best materials of keepsake urns are brass, bronze, wood and glass. Most of the people are interested to buy brass keepsake urns and wooden urns with attached photo frames. Keepsake urns are uses for adult ashes and pet cremation ashes.

Keepsake urns for adults are available in different designs and pet keepsake urns are available with pet sculptures and pet paw prints on mini urns. Heart shaped keepsake urns with stand are also available with various designs and colours.

Jewellery Keepsake Urns for Ashes

Jewelry keepsake urns are also available in pendants, necklace, lockets and bracelets. You can wear Jewelry urns by keeping the token amount of cremation ashes of loved ones. Jewellery keepsake urns are available in gold, silver and stainless steel materials to buy.

Judging To Buy Keepsake Urns

Browse all the keepsake urns and select your product then order or choose your loved one liked product or select themed mini urn to store cremation ashes.

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