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Personal cremation urns are best way to memorialize your loved one who expired. Celebrate their life after end in a most personal style and make a perfect and best replica of that special someone. It is our responsibility to make their memories alive with us after our loved ones expired.

Types of Cremation Urns

To keep their memories with our personal handmade engraved funeral memorial brass urns which are made with solid brass material to store the funeral ashes safely. In the UK cremation urns market, those will be available in different categories, styles and metals.

Cremation Urns Categories:

In UK market, we will find the urns categories as adult, child, pet and keepsake urns. For adult, we can store the adult or human funeral ashes. In child urns, we can store baby or kids cremation ashes safely. In pet urns, we can store the pets like cat, dog, rabbit or horse cremation ashes. Keepsake urns are also called as mini urns those are small sized urns compare with other categories urns. It will store the token amount of funeral ashes.

Funeral Urns Styles:

In UK market, we will find the different styles like keepsake urns, biodegradable urn, companion urns, infant urns, veteran urns, picture urns, religious urns, theme urns, serenity urns and art urns. These are styles are available with different merchants.

Memorial Urns Which Are Made By Metal

Cremation urns are made with so many different materials like solid brass, wooden and stainless steel are top selling metal urns.


These are the things comes under personalized urns means, merchants provides or design the cremation urns as per customer requirements.

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