The Funeral Rule: Know Your Rights

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The Funeral Rule: Know Your Rights

The Funeral Rule: Know Your Rights

Making arrangement to loved one funeral is a sad situation in every one life never faced. Selecting the goods and funeral service is a powerful feeling. Funeral services have some rules to follow.

Funeral rules define your rights regarding the buying of funeral goods and funeral services. These will protect you from unfair and misleading practices by funeral providers. The government will charge with protecting costumer rights and fair business practices. It is responsible for apply the funeral rules.

Be careful before purchasing funeral goods or services for you or for loved one, be formalizing with the funeral rules. If you know the funeral rules, you will be saving more money and good products and services.

What’s in the Funeral Rule?

Some countries have lengthy rules and legal documents need to be followed. Below are the funeral rules,

  • The funeral rules are applicable to anyone who is selling the goods and providing services to the customers. These include caring for and preparing dead body for final disposition then arranges funeral ceremony or final journey.
  • These rules are applied to all funeral goods and services. These purchases must be a pre-planned contract.
  • The funeral goods seller must provide price list and services information to the customer who asks in person.
  • Service provider may provide the information to customer through phone also.
  • Misrepresentation and misleading practices are prohibited on the part of funeral providers.

Funeral Service General Price List

Government has some fixed prices, product information and services. These will help the customer to compare the prices with vendor’s price and government fixed prices. So customer may fix to buy which one he/she wants.

The general price list may contain the following the information,

  • Funeral provider contact information which includes address, phone number and email id.
  • Date and the effective date of the price list.
  • A statement that preserve is not required by law.
  • The availability of alternative container for use in direct cremation.
  • The basic services fee and tax information.
  • A list of casket or cremation urn price list.
  • A list of outer burial container prices.
  • Catalog prices for certain optional goods and services.

For more information about funeral rules and rights contact your nearest funeral homes.

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