Huggable Teddy Bear Urns

February 27th, 2014 | Posted in Child Cremation Urns    
Huggable Teddy Bear Urns

Huggable Teddy Bear Urns

What Is Huggable Teddy Bear Urns?

The teddy bear is a soft toy which is made with soft material like textile and cotton. Their softness along with smoothness makes us to hug teddy bears. Children will love their soft teddy bear so much. Incase if child who loves teddy bears had expired then parents can select teddy bear urns to store funeral ashes in their remembrance.

How to Use Teddy Bear Urns?

It is a good idea of having your loved child cremation ashes in huggable teddy bears. Whenever you recollect memories of your child then you can simply hug this teddy bear urn in the remembrance of your kid. The teddy bear urn looks like a regular teddy bear, but it have zippered hidden opening at the back side with a box for the ashes.

Teddy bear Urn includes token amount of your baby cremation ashes. These urns are very beautiful and designed by skilled artisans. This is the best way to give a good remembrance of your child or baby.

Teddy bear urns are available in different sizes and colors. It is used as huggable memorial urn of your child or baby who expired. It will fulfill your child promises after final journey.

We are offering blue teddy bear brass urn, which is finished with teddy bear engraved on child memorial brass urn instead of soft toy. It is one of the top selling products in UK market.

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